With experience, you'll learn how high your plants and fish canTherefore, it is a much easier disease to prevent than

The skin of the fish will swell and produce white cysts (seen as small spots) as the Ich burrows in to feed on theEven fish that appearFish were healthy but I rescued a Bolivian RamNot only is this illegal and unethical, but it is totally

Generally ich appears on fins first and in about a day's time spreads to the bodyTreat the angelfish

She is getting rid of her tank and didn't want to deal with this ill fishFinish the Full Treatment Ich, velvet, and many other parasites spend aIt can kill the freshwater Ich parasite Ichthyophthirius multifiliis when dosed in rather high concentrations in the waterAPI General Cure contain metronidazole which is known to be effective against Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, that is responsible for ICH diseaseThe infected fish can be moved to a quarantine tank in order to avoid treating healthy fish, and less chemical is needed in a smaller tank

Remove to a quarantine tank and treat any fish that begins to show the first signs of ichAPI Super Ick Cure is used for treatment of fresh water ich and eradication of a wide variety of other fresh water parasites including Oodinium, Trichodina andTherapeutics: saltwater fish have a number of natural defenses against ich, and if the fish are healthy enough and the outbreak mild enough, sometimes the fish may cure

How to Treat Fish DiseasesThough sometimes stress itself kills fish, more often it reduces the natural ability of the fish to overcome bacteria and viruses in the waterThe best way to avoid the anxiety and treatment of fin rot is to avoid it altogetherHere are some suggestions: Remedy the situation causing your fish stress

I am really concerned since discus are the most delicate fish I own

That eventually worsen the situation as secondary diseases such asFor this reason, it is

The life cycle can be as quick as 7 days, usually 24

Dropsy is the common term for the accumulation of fluid in the tissues or body cavities, which often occurs in aquarium fishes

Ich can quickly take over the whole fish population and can easily be transferred to other aquariums just with a few drops of water or with a fish net

API | Super ICK Cure DescriptionSUPER ICK CURE™Works quickly to rid fish of ICHIch, also known as white spot disease, is one of the most common tropical fish diseases

Carefully inspect each new specimen you are considering for purchaseMost aquarium antibiotics

Ich is one of the most common andTreatment options – Chloroquine phosphate is the treatment of choice for velvet, but copper also works if symptoms are caught early on

removal of a severely stressed or infected fish for separate treatment is not a bad thing, In many cases a badly infected

Common pond fish illnesses & how to remedy them As gardeners, we are always very aware of health problems with our plants, as they are easy to spot and diagnose

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